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9 Best Construction Companies in Dubai - List of Builders and Contractors

Table of Content

  • Introduction of Construction Companies in Dubai, UAE
  • The Leading Sub-Sectors in The Construction Market in UAE Include:
  • Energy and Utilities Projects
  • Infrastructure and Transportation
  • Real Estate Sector

Top 9 Construction Companies in Dubai

  1. Execution
  2. AL Jaber LEGT Contracting and Engineering 
  3. AL Habtoor Group
  4. AL Futtaim
  5. AL Naboodah Construction
  6. Fujairah National Construction Co.L.L.C. 
  7. Arabian Construction Company
  8. Dutco Construction Company
  9. Saudi Bin Ladin Group

Wrap up

Dubai is famous for its luxury hotels, awe-inspiring skyscrapers, and world-class infrastructure. As you travel in this bustling city, you will be amazed by the way builders make the buildings. It is home to some famous architecture like Burk AL Arab, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Frame, and Emirates Towers. The world’s tallest construction wonderfully displays this trend perfectly. 

Currently, Dubai has become the best destination for global investors, especially the growing builders and construction industries. Construction activities have been growing at a fast pace, with new commercials, tourism hotspots, and commercials coming to realization.  People spend every year remodeling and constructing houses already in existence. That’s why getting a worthy construction company to help with the increasing demands has become challenging

Construction companies in Dubai are also mushrooming yearly, and settling for the best needs to be clarified. That’s why choosing the right construction company is essential to ensure they leave a desirable property and meet all your construction needs. 

Construction Companies in Dubai

According to research, the UAE construction industry market size was valued at US$ 39.00 billion in 2023. During the forecast period, it was expected to reach US$ 49.45 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 4.89% (2023-2028)—continue reading to learn more about the best construction companies in Dubai and a few reasons to work with them. 

Construction Companies in Dubai, UAE

The US faces excellent opportunities to work with construction companies in Dubai, UAE. The UAE government emphasizes infrastructure and energy, which includes utilities, decarbonization, transportation, nuclear and renewable power, and nuclear energy generation, which helps with the ongoing water shortage. 

Construction Companies in UAE

According to experts, Dubai’s construction companies foresee a healthy rebound in the construction industry, with a growth rate of 3.6-4.6%. The growth is expected per the country’s growth plan, which is already in place. The project focuses on development in the transportation, industrial, and energy infrastructures.

The Sub-Sectors in The Construction Market in Dubai, UAE:

Energy and Utilities Projects

Why is energy efficiency in construction necessary in the UAE? In the next decade, the UAE government expects tremendous growth to help expand electricity generation. Moreover, continued electricity and energy utility growth will expand renewable energy capacity and water in the coming year. 

Infrastructure and Transportation

Rod intrastation and transportation continue to be essential in UAE construction projects. With the rapid increase in the rate of population in the UAE, there is a great need for increased construction of residential and commercial properties. As a result, there is an even greater need for proper infrastructure and roads to improve accessibility to these properties. 

Real Estate Sector

In 2022, the first quarter showed an increased price in real estate projects because of the UAE government’s COVID-19 restrictions. 

Dubai’s most leading and prominent property developers have launched substantial construction projects in the last few months, some of which have been sold out completely. As a result, rents for construction projects in Dubai have also increased by an average of 18%.

Why UAE is best For Construction Companies?

Here are some of the considerable factors why the UAE is an excellent place to be a construction company:

  • Skilled Workforce: The UAE has an expert workforce from all around the world with experience in a comprehensive range of construction disciplines. 
  • Strong Economy: The UAE has a growing population and a strong economy increasing demand for new construction projects.
  • Excellent Business Environment: The UAE has an outstanding business environment, with supportive policies, low taxes, and well-developed infrastructure. 
  • Strategic Location:According to location, the UAE is located in the MENA region. 

Top 9 Construction Companies in Dubai, UAE

When investing in the real estate and construction industry, choosing the best construction company in Dubai, UAE, especially commercial and residential ones, is essential. These construction companies ensure you have your properties in the design you dream of for new construction and make additional improvements that help give your Dubai properties more worth.

When construction is done appropriately, property management and valuation tasks help you find the right sellers and buyers for your properties. Below, we have discussed some of the best construction companies in Dubai you can work with. 

CompanyMarket Cap (AED)Founding YearMajor Projects
Execution4 billion2013From bespoke villa renovation in Abu Dhabi to Nad AL Sheba Dubai prestigious project construction, redefining luxury projects in the heart of Jumeirah, Dubai to exemplary fit out project for a private VIP client in Etihad towers. Execution handles multiple projects.
AL Jaber LEGT Contracting and Engineering3.12 billion1975The palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, Dubai international airport
AL Habtoor Group2.44 billion1970Habtoor city, Habtoor grand resort, Jumeirah beach hotel
Al Futtaim1.99 billion1930Dubail festival city, Burj AL Arab Mall, the Dubai Mall
AL Naboodah Construction2..7 billion1960sPalm Jumeirah, Yas lsland, business bay, Dubai airport.

1. Execution. me

Execution. me

Founded in 2013, Execution is the first largest construction company in Dubai. They offer construction services for commercial, residential, electricity, oil and gas, power management, and infrastructure. Moreover, when planning to invest in real estate, Execution will help with property management while helping you buy and sell properties for their worth.

Why should you trust Execution with your construction needs? From bespoke villa renovation in Abu Dhabi to Nad AL Sheba Dubai’s prestigious project construction, redefining luxury projects in the heart of Jumeirah, Dubai, to exemplary fit-out projects for a private VIP client in Etihad Towers. Execution handles multiple projects.

AL Jaber LEGT Contracting and Engineering

AL Jaber LEGT Contracting and Engineering

If you’re looking for homes that make a good first impression, AL Jaber LEGT Contracting and Engineering is the best in the UAE. They are among the best construction companies in the UAE and live by outstanding principles.

When venturing into contemporary malls, five-star resorts, office towers, and airport terminals as your real estate investments, AL Jaber LEGT contracting and engineering have the expertise to handle everything from scratch and ensure your UAE properties are profitable.

2. AL Habtoor Group

AL Habtoor Group

AL Habtoor is among the best construction companies in Dubai, UAE, and started construction services as a small engineering firm in 1970. They assist people dreaming of venturing into the hospitality sector and developing some top hotel designs.  Moreover, if you want to get into real estate, publishing sectors, automotive, and educational sectors, you can rest assured that AL Habtoor will bring your business success and honor. 

3. AL Futtaim

AL Futtaim

AL Futtaim was founded over nine decades ago as a trading business. Suppose you want to invest in automobile real estate. In that situation, AL Futtaim is delighted to provide your luxury properties with world-class customer services, the best brand, and after-sales support as soon as your projects are completed by our expert builders.

4. AL Naboodah Construction

AL Naboodah Construction

AL Naboodah is the most popular and leading construction company in UAE, specializing in building, civil engineering, and M.E.P. It is challenging to come up with a fitted design when you are about to work on any project.

AL Naboodah hires professionals and experts who can meet every construction client’s specifications. The company has existed since the 1960s and is delighted to provide outstanding building, civil engineering, and M.E.P. services.

5. Fujairah National Construction Co.L.L.C.

Fujairah National Construction Co.L.L.C.

Since 1982, Fujairah National Construction and Transport Co. has always been in place to help with real estate needs. Fujairah National Construction and Transport Co. uses its dedicated, skilled engineers to solve design problems and their property’s design issues, and this information is used to create the most profitable and best design accurately. 

6. Arabian Construction Company

Arabian Construction Company

Arabian Construction Company has been at the top of the list of leading construction companies in Dubai for over 50 years. The company helps you design, construct, and develop plans for commercial, residential, healthcare, and hospitality projects. 

7. Dutco Construction Company

Dutco Construction Company

Since 1947, other top-leading construction companies in Dubai, UAE, have used all the practices to handle your construction needs. They are ISO certified, and experts are sent out to ensure your construction needs are made and met profitably. 

Dutco helps fulfill your construction needs in the areas of dredging and construction, tourism and hospitality, gas and oil logistics and manufacturing, and real estate.

8. Saudi Bin Ladin Group

Saudi Bin Ladin Group

Saudi Bin Ladin Group is a leading multinational UAE-based construction company based in Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1931 and is hailed for past successful projects like refurbishing the mosques at Madina and Mecca. 

Wrap Up

Working in the real estate industry means dealing with the leading building construction companies on various fronts. This includes airports, educational facilities, office towers, and other essential projects for selling or buying. 

Besides, creating attractive and unique project designs is an uphill task without proper construction expertise and knowledge. 

The construction companies in Dubai, UAE, mentioned in this blog can assist with all your construction needs. Get in touch with a leading construction company near you in Dubai, UAE. Contact to Execution, a #1 company offering the Best construction services and construction materials in Dubai, and 11+ years of experience in property project management.

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